We are talking about best skeleton watches of 2019. Have you ever wondered what a skeleton watch is? Do you know of the various benefits you may stand to accrue out its ownership? Do you even know the various factors that you should consider before buying such best skeleton watch?

Well, if you have been wondering about the aforementioned issues, you have come to the right place. The object of this whole review is centered on the subject matter of skeleton watches.

For a start, a skeleton watch is a kind of mechanical watch in which all the moving parts are clearly visible through the front, the back, or via a small cut that outlines the dial.

It is generally lighter and more compact. It is also more visible and as such greatly simplifies the procedure of taking the necessary readings. This makes it all the more suited for use in intense physical activities. It is also capable of discharging several other benefits as shall be deduced from the review that follows.



To come up with a review of this kind, we carried out some intense research. We actualized this in three main stages that are outlined hereunder.

So, we started out by identifying the top 10 affordable skeleton watches as of the year 2019. We did this by visiting the online Auction giant, Amazon. But we further investigated the top features of each product as well their pro and cons. Then we also provided the links to those products so you may get to know more about them.

We thereafter sought the opinions of industry experts as regards the top factors to consider while making a purchase. Also, we finished off by sampling the opinions and testimonials from past users. These we recorded in the form of questions and answers.

You can thus count on this review to furnish you all the relevant pieces of information you require. You can also be certain that the information you receive shall be as accurate as possible.


Top 10 Best Skeleton Watches Reviews

The following is a review of the top 10 skeleton watches as of the year 2019:

1. Tissot Men’s T0704051641100 skeleton watch

Complication Squelette Analog Display Swiss Mechanical Hand Wind Brushed Stainless Steel watch

Are you a lover of style and appearance? Do you wish to enhance your looks? If you said so, then you may probably consider acquiring this best skeleton watch. That’s because it has all the qualities that are necessary for this to feat to be achievable.

Features and Benefits

Mechanical-hand-wind Movement

The motion of the various hands is made possible by this mechanical-hand-wind movement. This technology requires no batteries at all. This implies that you stand to attain the benefit or greatly reduced utility bills.

Luminous Skeleton Hands

All the hands are luminous i.e. they are so designed to exude some inherent light. This feature enables you to clearly see the displayed time. It comes in handy in moments of low visibility such as night time.

Casual Watch Style

Its overall design features a casual and stylish appearance. It is very breathtaking to behold indeed. This is the watch of choice for those who would wish to enhance their appearance.

Transparent Dial

This watch’s face comes in the form of a transparent dial. The dial is made of Sapphire Crystal that has a Non-reflective coating. You are assured of a great deal of convenience while taking the various readings.


Clearly legible

All the various markings are clearly legible. This is due to the existence of the luminous markers and the transparent case back. This means zero ambiguities on your part.

Scratch Resistant

The dial is resistant to scratches. This further means that you won’t experience any ambiguities while taking readings.

Water Resistant

The watch is resistant to the infiltration of water up to a depth of 50m. This enables you to use it in damp conditions and for water sporting activities.


Being made of stainless steel, this watch is very durable and long-lasting. You may thus count on it to deliver its mandate in the long run.

Stylish Appearance

Its overall appearance features a stylish appearance. This comes in the form and color of the various components.



It displays time in the analog format. You may find yourself disparaged in case you are a millennial or not conversant with the old time format.


The watch weighs a whopping 1.1 pounds (17.6 ounces). This is too weighty for a watch.

Limited Use

You may use the watch pure for recreational swimming. It is unsuitable for diving or snorkeling, among other water sports.


This is the watch of choice for the lovers of style and appearance. That aside, it may have several downsides, but on the whole, it is still a worthy purchase.

Are you a lover of style and appearance? Do you wish to enhance your looks? What are you waiting for? Grab this watch right away. To get to know more about it, click here:



2. Bulova Men’s Accutron II Alpha Watch

Bulova Accutron II Alpha Collection Mens Gold Skeleton Dial Leather Quartz Watch 97A110

Are you on the lookout for a watch that is capable of exuding both function and style? If you said so, then you may have to pay keen attention to this watch’s review. In summary, this watch embodies a perfect blend of function and style.

Features and Benefits

Gold tone/Brown

Its straps comprise the goldtone or brown colors. This appearance is quite elegant and as such, exudes a very aesthetic appearance. This being the case, the watch brings along the benefit of enhanced beauty.

Skeleton Dial

The dial comes in the form of skeleton hands. These hands are clearly visible from whichever angle or side of the watch. This greatly expedites the process of taking readings.

Luminous Hands/Markers

This watch’s markers are also luminous in the sense that they have the ability to generate their own light. This feature allows you to observe your readings under all lighting conditions.

Stainless Steel Buckle

Its straps are fastened tightly by means of the stainless steel buckles. This material is very durable and resistant to most elements of deterioration such as corrosion. As such, you stand to spend less to maintain it.


Easy Readability

By virtue of the markings being bold and legible, you should expect to easily take your readings.

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Its overall design is aesthetics. As such, your overall appearance is expected to improve when you put it on.

Fairly Affordable

Compared to other watches of its kind, this watch is fairly affordable. You are spared of any unnecessary strains while acquiring it.

Compact Size

Its dimensions are also smaller. It measures 0.4 inches long by 0.4 inches wide by 0.4 inches thick. This allows you to handle it with ease.


On the whole, this phone induces some sense of prestige. Your stature and societal standing naturally improve when you wear it.


Unsuitable for Men

By its very nature and design, this watch is only relevant for females. Men, who constitute a vast number of would-be users, are left out.

Fewer Features

It generally has fewer features than most watches of its kind. This severely curtails its overall applicability.

Improper Markings

The markings on the face of the watch have no numbering. This may pose some inconvenience while taking readings.


As you may deduce from the review above, this watch is indeed a perfect blend of function and style. It is the watch to settle on in case you would wish to leverage both benefits at a time.

You search for both function and style clearly ends with the encounter with this watch. Why not acquire it right away? Click here: to find out more about it.



3. BEDATE ZS-W137B skeleton watch

BEDATE Mens Vintage Wooden Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Sport Watch

Are you a lover of nature? Do you loath harmful chemicals? Are you intent on preserving the environment for future generations? This is the watch you have been looking for all along! It has all those crucial traits. This is one of the best skeleton watches of 2019.

Features and Benefits

All Wood Construction

On the whole, the watch is 100% made of natural wood. This choice of material is very significant. It negates the use of chemicals and is on the whole very comfortable.

Adjustable Band

Its band may lengthen or shorten appropriately to accommodate various sizes of hands. This means it is on the whole compatible with as many kinds of users as possible.

Swiss Automatic Movement

The motion of the hands is facilitated and enabled by the Swiss Automatic Movement. This technology is very accurate and reliable. This consequently means that the watch is also reliable on the whole.

Waterproof Functionality

With this watch, you may submerge to a depth of 30 meters without any infiltration of water. This being the case, you may utilize it in extremely wet conditions with ease.



By reason of being made entirely of natural wood, the watch is on the whole quite durable. You may thus count on it to deliver for longer.


Apart from being durable, it is also resistant to the common agents of the tear. It is on the whole long-lasting indeed.

Natural Comfort

Its entire band is made of natural hardwood. This wood band is generally smooth and feels nice. It hence assures you of natural comfort.


The watch is very friendly to the environment. This is because no chemicals or paints are used in its construction.

Fair to Behold

On the whole, the watch is indeed fair to behold. For this reason, you may expect to derive enhanced aesthetics.


Masculine Appearance

Its overall design features a masculine appearance. This makes it quite unsuitable for use by women.


This watch features a massive size. It measures 2.8 inches long by 2.8 inches wide by 2.8 inches thick. It also weighs 110 grams (3.9 ounces). You may find it uncomfortable in case you have smaller hands.

Incomplete Markings

The markings are not complemented with appropriate numbers as should be the case. This may interfere with the process of taking up readings.


This is the premier watch for the lovers of nature. Its material construction makes it all the more suited for this function. Moreover, it is also durable and stylish. Because of this, it exudes much more benefits at once.

Are you a lover of nature? Did you say yes? Take hold of this watch soonest possible! Find out more about it, by clicking here:



4. JORD Wooden Watches for Men and Women

JORD Wooden Watches for Men

Are you chasing after style and comfort in your search for a suitable watch? If so, you need to look no further than this watch. That’s because it comprises just about every other quality you may possibly desire.

Features and Benefits

High-Quality Quartz and Mechanical Movements

The watch’s timekeeping functions are powered by the high-quality quartz technology. This technology is accurate and very reliable. You may thus bank your hopes on the watch to display the right time always.

100% Natural Ebony Wood

All the components of the watch are made of natural wood. These include the bezel, wand, and straps. It, therefore, features an eco-friendly and natural appearance. It is also devoid of any harsh chemicals.

Dual Locking Deployment Buckle

Its straps are fastened courtesy of this dual-locking deployment buckle. It is quite tight and as such provides the necessary safety and reliability. This means the watch won’t fall off your hands unnecessarily.

Reinforced Clasp Secure Adjustable Wood Bracelet

Apart from being tightly secured, the bracelets may also be expanded or contracted at will. This is due to the removable metal pins that secure the various links together.


Elegant Looks

All the wood that is used to make this watch is hand-sanded and highly-polished. It generally exudes a smooth and durable finish.


It is made of premium hardwood that does not deteriorate or becomes brittle as the result of everyday wear. Because of this, you are assured of less spending in maintenance and repairs.


Its wood colors are naturally-derived and do not at all contain any stains, dyes or other harsh chemicals. Moreover, the wood is protected and sealed by use of tung oil that is splash-proof.

Sea-Gull movement

The motion of the hands is made possible by the automatic, self-winding Sea-Gull movement. This form of propulsion provides ultra-accurate and battery-free timekeeping.

Long-term Reliability

As has been stated, its wooden construction neither deteriorates nor become brittle with time. This assures you of the long-term reliability you require.



By reason of weighing 2.3 pounds (36.8 ounces), this watch is way too heavy for most ordinary users. This is especially an issue in case you have smaller hands.


Even though adequate measures have been taken to make the watch durable, it is still delicate. It is thus prone to damages especially if it is not handled carefully.

Too big for small hands

With a case diameter 41 millimeters, this watch is way too big for small hands. You may thus find it a bit inconvenient to handle in case you have such hands.


This watch embodies a perfect combination of both comfort and style. As such, it is a worthy purchase for those who would wish to leverage both benefits at a time. It is also cheaper and hence quite a worthy purchase.

Your chase for style and comfort comes to an abrupt halt with an encounter with this watch. Why not get started right away by grabbing it? Get to know more about it by clicking here:



5. Bulova BVA-SERIES 120 Automatic Strap Watch

Bulova Mens 96A135 BVA-SERIES 120 Automatic strap Watch

Are you a general-purpose watch user? If so, you may need a watch that has all the basic features of the standard watch. Such a watch should also be durable and reliable at all times. This is that kind of watch. It is indeed suited for this purpose as shall be seen in the review that follows.

Features and Benefits

Stainless Steel Case

The entire watch and its contents are enclosed in a stainless steel case. This material is very tough and quite resilient to wear and tear. As such, you may bank your hopes on this watch not to fail you in the long run.

Double-Press Deployant Closure

All the interior contents are firmly secured by this double-press deployment closure mechanism. It is so tight that it prevents any fall-offs or uncalled for openings. This closure also prevents the infiltration of moisture into the watch.

21 Jewel Movement Visible through Double Dial Aperture

Its hands derive their motion power through this 21-jewel movement function. This movement function is further bolstered by the double dial aperture. The time, minute and seconds displayed by the watch are, as such, fairly accurate.

Luminous Hands and Markers

This watch’s markers are luminous. This simply means that they have the ability to generate light of their own. This greatly expedites the procedure of deriving readings, especially at night.


Extremely Light

It weighs only 7.8 ounces. As such, it is extremely light to carry around. It won’t exert unnecessary pressure or load on your hands.

Legible Markings

All the various markings are boldly and clearly engraved on the watch’s dial. This leaves no room for ambiguities or misinterpretations.


The watch is accompanied by a 2-year international warranty. This safeguards you from any possible mishaps or losses regardless of where you could be.

Suitable for Sexes

By its nature, construction, and design, this watch is indeed suitable for use by both sexes. It is hence a lucrative possession as it is quite relevant.

No Batteries Required

This watch’s motion power is derived from built-in mechanical springs. These springs negate the need for batteries. Consequently, you are assured of huge savings.


Moderately Pricey

The watch is moderately pricey. You might find it quite unaffordable in case you lack the necessary financial resource endowment.


With a case diameter of 41 mm, you might find this watch a bit oversize especially if you have smaller hands.

Potentially Cumbersome

This watch’s overall dimensions are 5.9 inches long by 5.9 inches wide by 5.9 inches thick. It is hence potentially cumbersome to handle and carry around.


As you may clearly observe from the preceding review, this watch has all the basic features. It is as such qualified for general purpose work. What’s more? The watch is compact in size and is hence handy and simple to utilize.

Having been looking for a general-purpose watch of late? If I heard you say yes, then this is the watch you should grab right away. Find out more about it by visiting this link:



6. Bulova  BVA-SERIES Two-Tone Stainless Steel Bulova Mens 98A123 BVA-SERIES Two-Tone Stainless Steel Automatic Bracelet Watch

Is your choice of a watch also inspired by the need for elegance and prestige? If so, you need a very breathtaking watch. Such kind of watch has to possess a very stylish appearance and be made f very precious minerals. This is that kind of watch.

Features and Benefits

Protective Mineral Crystal Window

Its window is made of the protective mineral crystal. This is a see-through material that lets you view the watch unhindered. It is also tough enough to withstand huge impacts besides resisting scratches.

Automatic Self-winding Movement

Motion power to the hands is supplied by the automatic self-winding mechanism. This mechanism does not require you to wind the springs every quite often. This being the case, you stand to reap the benefit of the convenience of use.

Partial Skeleton Dial

The dial on which the markings are engraved is partially designed in the shape of a skeleton. This also allows you t view the markings from the front and the back.

Luminous Accents

Its face and dial are further enhanced by the luminous accents. They emit their own light and do not rely on the lights that originate from external sources. This enables you to see the watch and the contents even at night.


Secure Fastening

This watch’s double locking deployment clasp ensures that all the contents are fastened tightly. It prevents the interior contents from spilling off unnecessarily.

Stylish Appearance

Given the existence of the polished gold-tone hands, this watch is on the while stylish in appearance.

Precise Markings

All the 12 digits that mark the various parts of the watch are precisely marked. This eliminates any vagueness and assures you of the reliability you need.


The watch is on the whole suitable for use by both sexes. This is a plus as it means you stand to derive greater returns on investments.

Unequaled Accuracy

Generally speaking, the time displayed by the watch is very accurate. This stems from the automatic self-winding movement.


Analog Display

It displays time through the analog display system. Younger generations of users may find it a bit confusing to utilize.

Roman Numerals

Closely-related to the above is the fact that the dial is marked by Roman numerals. This again may inconvenience you in case you are not conversant with such numbering system.

Batteries Required

The watch requires 1 non-standard battery to power. This has the obvious impact of exerting some financial strains on your part.


It is quite vivid from the review above that this watch has all the features necessary for elegance and prestige. You cannot afford to overlook it, especially if your search for a good watch is dictated by these two needs.

Now that it is clear that this watch has the ability to confer both elegance and prestige, why not try it out? Please make haste, because time is of the essence. To find out more about it, click here:



7. Fossil Men’s ME3099 Self-Wind Stainless Steel Watch

Fossil Grant Analog Automatic Watch

For a watch to be used for longer, it has to be both comfortable and durable. This can only happen in case it is made of tough and soft materials. This indeed is the niche of this particular watch, as shall be seen in the following review.

Features and Benefits

Analog Display

The watch displays time in the analog format. This comes in the form of legible Roman numeral markings. It also comprises accurate hands that eliminate any errors or inconsistencies.

Leather Calfskin Band

It is suspended onto your wrist courtesy of this leather calfskin band that is accompanied by a buckle closure. This band is very soft, comfortable, and long-lasting.

Streamlined Design

In general, it features a streamlined outward appearance. This makes it quite aesthetic and fair to behold. The design also makes it possible to be used in damp conditions without any hindrances.

Excellent Winding Mechanism

The motion power is provided for by the sleek, self-winding and styled automatically winding mechanism. This tick-on-time also comes along with a built-in rotor. Both ensure accurate precision of the time that is displayed.


No Batteries Required

Its automatic self-winding mechanism supplies the rotational power that the hands need to display time. This spares you of unnecessary utility expenses.

Long-term Reliability

With a 40-hour power reserve, you may rely on this watch to display the right time for long.

Extremely Cheap

It is by far the best skeleton watches under 300. This means that you may access it regardless of your financial resource endowment.

Tough and durable

The watch’s stainless steel construction is quite tough and durable. This makes it reliable for use in the long run.

Usable in Damp Conditions

This watch can resist the infiltration of water up to a depth of 165 feet. You may hence use it conveniently in damp conditions.


Fewer Features

The watch contains comparatively fewer features. This makes it less functional and relevant for use.


Given that it displays time in the analog format, younger generation users may find it obsolete.

Limited Potential Users

It is only usable by men, owing to its masculine appearance and design. It leaves out women who form a bulk of potential users.


This watch is indeed the embodiment of both comfort and durability. This stems from its stainless steel construction and extra soft leather wands and straps. It is indeed a very viable and lucrative purchase.

Have you been searching for a comfortable and durable watch all along? If yes, your search has indeed come to an end! Get hold of this watch right away. Get to know more about it by following this link:


8. Kenneth Cole New York Men’s ‘Automatic’

Kenneth Cole New York Mens Automatic Automatic Stainless Steel Dress Watch

Would you wish to leverage the benefits of an elegant watch but at the most affordable cost? If so then you may have to pay keen attention to the proceeding review. That’s because this watch is specifically intended for this very purpose.

Features and Benefits

Automatic-self-wind Movement

Motion power to the hands is provided for by means of the automatic self-winding movement. This mechanism does not require you to wind the crown constantly. It is hence a convenient way of deriving the necessary power.

Exhibition Case Back

At the back of the watch is the exhibition case. It is transparent and hence allows you to see through unhindered. This further grants you the convenience you require to obtain your readings.

Solid-link Bracelet

To fasten the watch onto your hands, you will have to use this solid link bracelet. It also comes along with a fold-over closure. Both features enable the watch to cling tightly onto your hands and avoid falling off unnecessarily.

Skeleton Dial

All the markings are engraved on a skeleton dial. The dial is readable both from the front and the back. It is as such quite convenient and legible.



Its ability to wind itself calls for less active participation from you. This frees you and also gives you the room to pursue other equally important chores.

Scratch resistant

The watch’s dial is resistant to scratches. This means it is very legible and enables you to obtain accurate readings.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

You are safeguarded from the negative issues that may arise out of the use of this watch. This comes in the form of a limited lifetime warranty.

Shiny Appearance

Stainless steel forms the larger part of this watch’s exterior. This material is shiny and thus gives off some aesthetic looks.

Convenient to Use

To provide the needed power, you may let the watch self-wind with your arm’s motions. Alternatively, you may wind the crown yourself to provide that energy. This means lots of convenience to you.


Not so Reliable

The watch may only endure brief immersion in water. It is hence unsuitable for swimming, bathing, or snorkeling.

Batteries Required

This watch requires 1 non-standard battery. As the result of this, you may experience some financial strains.


It weighs 10.4 ounces; a figure that is way too unbearable for a watch.


As you may see from the above review, this watch has all the features of the standard watch. It is, however, cheaper and more affordable. It hence grants you the opportunity to leverage those benefits but at lower costs.

Is cost a concern to you while searching for a suitable watch? If indeed that is the case, then you clearly have no option but to settle on this watch. Find out more about it by clicking this link:


9. Stuhrling Original Analog Display Automatic Self Wind 

Stuhrling Original Mens 696.03 Delphi Analog Display Automatic Self Wind Brown Watch

People buy watches for different reasons. Some may be motivated by the need to accrue aesthetic value rather than the function of displaying time. In case you are such kind of a person, then this watch is yours for the taking.

Features and Benefits

Polished Case

It features a polished 16k Rose Gold layered and round-shaped case. By reason of being made of Gold, the outer case is indeed breathtaking to behold. It means also that the watch exudes aesthetic value.

Leather Strap

The straps of the watch are made of brown genuine leather. They are as such very comfortable and long-lasting. Being brown in color, they also contribute further to the overall aesthetics of the watch.

Silver Outer Dial

Its outer dial is made of Silver. It is also complemented with Rose-tone Roman numerals. The inner skeleton dial, on the other hand, comprises retrograde seconds and the date wheel.

Automatic-self-wind Movement

Motion power to the hands is provided for by the automatic self-winding movement. Considering that the technique is automatic, no effort or unnecessary attention is required from you. This assures you of further convenience.


Breathtaking Appearance

In all, the watch features breathtaking appearance. It is the perfect solution for all aesthetics needs.

No Batteries Required

It does not require batteries to power at all. For this reason, it is cheaper to maintain and is also reliable.

High Precision

The watch does discharge its role of displaying time with a very high degree of accuracy. As such, you may count on it to deliver to your expectations without faltering.

Compact Size

By virtue of measuring 0.6 inches long by 0.6 inches wide by 0.6 inches thick only, the watch is indeed compact in size. This greatly expedites your effort to handle it appropriately.

Usable by Both Sexes

Even though it is primarily designed for men, it may also be used by women successfully.


Quite Pricey

This watch costs a fortune. Be prepared to part with some decent amount of money to acquire it.

Stationary Bezel

It bezel is stationary. It does not exude some of the top-notch features that such a watch is naturally expected to.

Limited Features

The watch also lacks some vital features. This puts a limit on the sum total roles it may discharge.


This watch is the ultimate solution for all aesthetic needs and requirements. It indeed possesses all the vital traits that are necessary for that to be achieved.

Call for Action

Have you been looking for an aesthetic watch? If so, your search has come to an end. Get hold of this watch right away! Click here: to find out more about it.



10. BINLUN Rectangle Gold Sliver Automatic Dress 

BINLUN Mens Rectangle Gold Sliver Automatic Dress Watches Black Brown Calfskin Straps Tourbillon

Do you simply want a watch that shall display you the right time, nothing more? If you said to do, then this watch is all that you need. It is designed for the basic task of displaying time. It has almost no extra feature.

Features and Benefits

Rectangular Stainless Steel Case

Its casing comes in the form of a rectangular stainless steel case. This is further accompanied by a black tone genuine leather band. These two features enable you to fasten the watch securely on your hand and safeguard the interior contents.

White Dial Face

The watch comprises a white dial face that has blue tone hands. The markings are in the form of contrasting Roman numeral hour markers. It also has a second subdial that is located nearby the 5 o’clock mark.

Analog Display

It displays time in the analog format. The display is accompanied by a transparent back that is powered by the Japanese mechanic self-winding movement.

Sapphire Crystal

This watch comprises a protective Sapphire crystal that offers high-strength protection against any scratches and reflections. This spares you of any ambiguities, unnecessary strains, or false readings. It thus assures you of reliable readings.


Multiple Uses

It has two dials; one large and one small. It is thus capable of exuding two functions at a time.

Fairly Affordable

The watch is by far the best skeleton watches under 1000. This means it is neither too expensive nor too cheap. It won’t exert unnecessary strains on you, as such.

Usable in Water

You may use this watch perfectly well in water. That’s because it doesn’t have any problems when bombarded with splashes of water or rain.

Less Effort

Its Japanese mechanic self-winding movement frees you from the need to manually wind the watch yourself. This is because it does so automatically. As such, it requires less effort on your part.

Extremely Durable

All its constituent parts and components are made of long-lasting materials. These include Gold and Stainless Steel. Because of this, the watch is extremely durable.


Not so Aesthetic

Its exterior is not as aesthetic as should be the case. As such, expect no extra benefits from it apart from the mere ability to display time.


The watch measures 5.5 inches long by 5.5 inches wide by 3.6 inches thick. This is a bit oversize. You will find it quite uncomfortable especially if you smaller hands.

Unsuitable for Women

It is exclusively intended for men. You may not gain much from it in case you are a woman.


This watch, as you may clearly see, comprises the basic features of the standard watch. It is also moderately affordable. This means it is that kind of watch you cannot afford to overlook in your search for a good basic watch.

Your search for the simplest watch clearly comes to an end with an encounter with this watch. Grab it immediately. Click here: for more information about it.



Buying Guide of Best Skeleton Watches

Material Composition

This refers to the type of material that is used to make the watch. A good watch has to be made of tough, durable, and aesthetic material. These include such materials as gold, silver, and stainless steel.

Source of Power

Some watches are powered mechanically. Others derive their power from solar energy, yet others are battery-powered. You should ascertain your preferred source of power first and foremost. You should then proceed to acquire the watch that is powered by your desired source.

Weight and Dimensions

A good watch should be as light as possible. It should also be very compact. These two features are to enable you to handle it conveniently. It is also to prevent unnecessary drag and inconveniences.

Outward Appearance

Watches are also treasured for their ability to exude aesthetic benefits. As such, you should look for a watch that is very fair to behold. This can only be the case if it has an elegant outward appearance.

Hands and markings

The hands and markings are perhaps the most significant of all the various parts of the watch. They should preferably be luminous. This means they ought to be able to generate their own light. This is to allow you to see their contents even in dim lighting conditions.


Various manufacturers are famed for producing different kinds of watches. Some manufacturers produce watches that are very prestigious. Others produce high-quality watches, yet others generally produce cheaper ones. Find out your preference and settle on a watch that fits that specific theme.


Lastly, these watches are availed at a cost. Be sure to look for that watch that fits within your budget. You will first have to ascertain your financial strength. Proceed to craft a budget that can allow you to acquire the watch of your choice.



Q1. What is a skeleton watch?

  1. A skeleton watch is a kind of mechanical watch in which all the moving parts are clearly visible through the front, the back, or via a small cut that outlines the dial.

Q2. What are the uses or benefits of the typical skeleton watch?

  1. The typical skeleton watch has to be able to display time and date, be used to enhance your looks, and comprise an alarm.

Q3. What is the general price range of a good skeleton watch?

  1. On the whole, a good skeleton watch costs somewhere between $200.00 and $500.00

Q4. What are some of the top brands of skeleton watches?

  1. Ingersoll, Chopard L.U.C XP SKELETEC, Basse Broye, Invicta Watch, and Patek Philippe Skeleton are some of the top brands of skeleton watches.

Q5. What are some of the factors to consider while searching for a suitable skeleton watch?

  1. Your financial resource endowment, the price of the watch, the watch’s outward appearance, and the make/model are some of the factors you might want to consider.

Q6. What does the term ‘reserve power’ refer to in skeleton watched?

  1. It is a measure of how long a wound watch may keep operating before being re-wound afresh.



It is our hope that you have been educated by the review above. We also hope that the review above shall guide you in making the right choice. It was not possible for us to exhaust all that the review that may have to encompass. Because of this, we strongly urge you to carry out further research to ‘fill the gaps’.

In the meantime, we implore you to make a purchase of at least one of the watches reviewed above. Waste no time in making this decision. That’s because the longer you delay, the more likely that the prices might spike. We look forward to receiving your expression of interest soonest possible!

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