Then Are you currently searching for an appropriate watch? Have you ever heard of the Casio range of electronics? Would you want to know more about best Casio watches? If I heard you say yes to any of these questions, then you have landed on the right place.

Indeed, the entire review is dedicated to the subject matter of best Casio watches. We have invested a great deal of effort, time, wit, and energy in researching about this product line.

For a Casio is undoubtedly one of the top manufacturers of electronics worldwide. Indeed this firm produces and releases newer and better electronic every quite often. No serious person can afford not to acquire at least one of this firm’s products.

Doing so requires some deeper knowledge of its product line. That’s where this review comes in. Explained hereunder are all the common topics that may help you in getting started and making an informed decision as well.



We invested a great deal of skill, wit, and time to compile all the necessary pieces of data. Then we searched through the Amazon website to find out the ten major watches as of the year 2019. We also sought the opinions of industry-experts as regards the subject matter. Also, we thereafter researched the various factors to consider while making such a purchase.

After collecting all the necessary pieces of raw data, we compiled all of them in a single review of this kind. We thereafter drafted a comprehensive review to reflect all the data we collected. You will, therefore, find this review quite informative and on point.

Top 10 Best Casio Watches of 2019

#WatchesDisplay Type Band ColorCase materialWarranty
1Casio Men's GWG1000-1A3 G-Shock Analog DigitalAnalog and digitalBlackResinYes
2Casio Men's GW-9400-1CR Master of G Digital QuartzDigitalBlackStainless steelYes
3G-Shock GWM5610-1 Men's Solar Black Resin Sport WatchDigitalBlackResinYes
4G-Shock GW6900-1 Men's Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch DigitalBlackStainless steelYes
5Casio G-Shock Camouflage Dial Resin Quartz-Camouflage DialResin-
6G-Shock Mens GA-100LAnalog and digitalmultiResinYes
7G-Shock GA100A-7A X-Large Men's White ResinAnalog and digitalwhite and blue dialResin-
8G-SHOCK Men's GA-100 Limited Edition WatchAnalog and digitalRedResin-
9G-SHOCK The GA 100 Military Series WatchAnalog and digitalBlack--
10Casio Men's G-Shock Classic Digital WatchDigitalBlackResinYes

1. Casio Men’s GWG1000-1A3 G-Shock Analog Digital

Casio Mens GWG1000-1A3 G-Shock Analog Digital Tough Solar Green Watch

Difficult careers like construction, mining, farm labor, or luggage handling are prone to all manner of accidents. This possibility calls for an equally tough and durable watch. Such kind of watch obviously has to be strong to withstand tremendous amounts of stress. This watch is exclusively intended for just that.


Features and Benefits

Special Vibration-resistant Construction

On the whole, the watch is pretty resistant to vibrations and shocks. This enables it also to withstand huge amounts of stress and impacts. Because of these, it may be utilized in areas that are prone to accidents effectively.

Resin Band

This watch’s overall beauty and aesthetics are made possible by the use of this resin band coating. This material gives off a soft fabric appearance. It also seals all the joints of the watch perfectly well.

Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping

It has the ability to communicate with the worldwide radio-controlled system that is built to receive time calibration signals. It may indeed send and receive signals from six transmission stations i.e. China, US, Germany, UK, and Japan. This makes it all the more reliable.

Screw Lock Bezel

The watch’s bezel is fastened tightly and securely by use of screw locks. Due to this, the watch is very tough and resistant to the infiltration of moisture and mud. It also protects the watch’s interior from undue exposure to the external weather conditions.


Clearly Legible

The face of this watch is easy to read even under the most extreme of conditions. For this reason, it spares you of any ambiguities or confusion.

Mud Resistant

It has the ability to resist the buildup of mud. This means its face is kept as clear as possible at all times.


It has a built-in digital compass, a barometric pressure/altitude reader, and a thermometer beside the ordinary clocks. It is, therefore, able to exude several benefits at a time.

Water Resistant

Other than mud, this watch is also resistant to the infiltration of water. Indeed, it can withstand such infiltrations up to a depth of 200 meters below the surface of the water.

Cheaper to Maintain

This watch is strong and sturdy. It thus requires fewer repairs and maintenance sessions. By opting town it, you stand to save plenty of money.


Masculine Appearance

This watch is so designed as to appear like a male. Females may not find it as relevant to their uniqueness as should be the case.


It is generally large in size. Because of this, it takes up plenty of space. You may not find it appealing in case you have small hands.


Owing to its possession of complex features, you are required to possess several technical skills. This may place you at a disadvantage in case you lack those skills.


Irrespective of the minor shortcomings outlined above, this is still the watch of choice for those in demanding occupations. In case you are a miner, construction worker or manual laborer, this is the watch for you!

Are you engaged in a difficult profession? If so, grab this watch right away! It will offer you the worthy companionship you require. To find out more about it, click here:



2. Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Master of G Digital Quartz

Casio Mens GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch

While on the move, there is usually the need to study time as fast as could be practically possible. For a watch to be able to display time for the shortest duration possible, it has to be digital. This watch is made with the need to do just that in mind.

Features and Benefits

Full Auto LED

Its display unit comprises a super illuminated backlight with an additional afterglow. Moreover, it also displays time in the digital rather than the analog format. This eliminates ambiguities and greatly cuts on the time taken to do so.

Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping

It also has the ability to communicate with the global radio-controlled timekeeping technology. This makes it reliable and being able to be used across the entire globe seamlessly.

Triple Sensor

The watch has a triple sensor feature that enables it to sense and display the elevation, air pressure, direction, and temperature. It may, therefore, serve as an altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer and a compass at the same time.

Multiple Functionalities

Apart from the triple sensor capabilities discussed above, the watch is also able to exude other benefits. These include a time stamp, sunrise and sunset date, alarms, countdown timer, and 1/10-second stopwatch, among others.


Digital Display

As has already been stated above, this watch displays time in the digital format. This enables you to easily read the time and also eliminates any confusion and oversights.

Solar Powered

It derives its power from solar energy. This cuts down the utility bills considerably. It also makes the use of the watch a very convenient undertaking.

Longer Battery Life

The solar-rechargeable batteries may last up to 7 months on a full charge. They may keep discharging their roles without any further exposure to light in that duration.


This watch is comparatively cheaper and more affordable. Your attempt to acquire it won’t subject you to unusual financial hardships at all!


The watch is also able to resist shocks, vibrations, and stress. This makes it all the more reliable and durable at all times.



The watch may not be able to accurately display time when the batteries are low in charge. This is especially the case in times of low solar insolation.


By virtue of weighing 10.4 ounces, this watch is too weighty for those with smaller hands and wrists. They may find it quite inconvenient to handle.

Rough and Nondescript

Its general appearance and design is rough and lacks any interesting characteristics. Due to this, the watch may not bestow the attendant benefit of aesthetics to the users.


Two factors make this watch to stand out from the crowd. These are the long battery life and the digital time displays, respectively. No serious workman who would wish to save his time may thus afford to overlook it.

Are you intent on saving time while taking readings from your watch? Would you also wish to accrue the benefit of low utility bills? If so, this watch is yours for the taking! Follow this link: to find out more about it.



3. G-Shock GWM5610-1 Men’s Solar Black Resin Sport Watch

G-Shock GWM5610-1 Mens Solar Black Resin Sport Watch

Marine-based professions are generally confronted with water problems. For a watch to function seamlessly under such conditions, it has to be waterproof and strong enough. This watch is designed for use under those very conditions. Its most distinguishing trait is its ability to resist water up to a depth of 200 m (660 ft) below the surface. This is one of the best Casio watches of 2019.

Features and Benefits

Casual Solar-powered

The power of this battery is supplied by solar panels that are located on the front face of the watch. These panels convert solar energy into electricity after which they recharge the batteries. Because of this, the batteries are cheaper to maintain.

Slim Profile Octagonal Case

It is enclosed in a slim profile octagonal casing. This case is beautiful and as such confers the added benefit of great aesthetics. What’s more? Its appearance enables it to be used by both genders in equal measure.

Excellent Displays

This watch’s digital display is complemented by an auto light. This light improves the legibility of the font and time in times of poor visibility. As such, it aids those with low visual acuity and also eliminates any unnecessary ambiguities.

Black Resin Band

Its joints are further fastened by use of resin. These seals watch so tightly that it wards off the percolation of water, mud and other liquids into the watch.


Long Battery Life

Its batteries may last 10 months on a full charge and without any further exposure to sunlight. This leads to lower utility bills and utmost convenience to you, the user.

Suitable for both Sexes

It features a black resin band finish and a neutral face appearance. Because of this, it may be used conveniently by both sexes i.e. male and female.

Wide Geographical Applicability

This watch is usable across several world time zones. These are the 29 time zones and 48 cities around the world.

Compact Size

On the whole, the watch measures 4 inches long by 4 inches wide by 4 inches thick. Due to this, it is quite compact and easy to handle.

Utmost Convenience

The watch is pretty convenient. This is brought about by a confluence of three main factors. These include the full auto-calendar, the power-saving function, and the battery indicator.



Its auto light feature is unable to work in case the battery level falls below the medium mark. This may lead to unnecessary inconveniences when needed most.


This watch is a bit complicated to operate. Its auto-light functionality is a case in point. You are required to rotate it at an angle of 40 degrees to activate.

Smaller Font

The size of the characters that are displayed by this watch is small. This may disparage those with eye problems as it may require them to strain too much.


Those in marine-based professions clearly have this watch for their taking. It is quite suited for professional marine activities and other serious surface water sports. This mainly stems from its water resistance to a depth of 200 m (660 ft) below the surface.

Are you a mariner? Are you a regular sailor? Did I hear you saying yes? Grab this watch right away! To find out more about it, click here:



4. G-Shock GW6900-1 Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch

G-Shock GW6900-1 Mens Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch

Seamless reliability in times of use is a crucial trait or key feature of any watch. This is because of the need to provide the readings in a timely, accurate and reliable manner. This ‘watch that never breaks’ is designed with that particular purpose in mind.

Features and Benefits

LED Backlight

Its display is lit with the LED backlight. This source of light is quite reliable and clearly legible. It reduces the possibilities of straining or deriving inaccurate readings.

Solar Power Battery

The source of power comes from rechargeable batteries. The batteries are recharged with solar panels that are located on the face of the watch. These panels trap solar power and use them to recharge the batteries.

Stainless Steel Case

All the interior contents of the watch are enclosed in the stainless steel casing. This material is well known for being tough and resilient to the various elements of the tear. For this reason, you should expect the watch to last longer.

Mineral Dial Window

On the face of this watch is the mineral dial window. This material is very transparent and resistant to scratches. It grants you the ability to see through clearly. It also frees you from the dangers of incorrect readings or strains.



It has the ability to resist the infiltration of water up to 10-bar of pressure. This makes it quite suitable for use in wet conditions.

Long Battery Life

On the whole, its batteries have a 10-year battery life. This is long enough to guarantee you of the necessary peace of mind you require to fully leverage its benefits.

Extremely Cheap

It is comparatively cheaper than other watches of its kind. It, therefore, spares you of any unnecessary financial discomforts you may have to confront.


The watch’s straps fasten tightly onto the wrists of the wearers. This is because the watch is equipped with a strong and flexible black resin band. This band is also accompanied by an adjustable buckle.

Usable across several Geographical Locales

This watch has the capacity to automatically receive official atomic time. This is due to the existence of the built-in antenna. It may thus be utilized in several geographical locales with ease.


Rough Appearance

Its overall design and appearance are quite rough. It lacks the ability to exude the benefits of added aesthetics as should be the case.


The watch measures 53.2 mm long by 50.0 mm wide by 17.7 mm thick and weighs 63g. In case you have tiny hands and narrow wrists, you may find it a bit cumbersome to handle.

Heat Absorbent

It is entirely black in color. For this reason, it absorbs plenty of heat, a fact that may inflict some discomfort to the wearers.


In all, this is a watch that ‘never breaks’. This means that it is so tough that it can endure all kinds of discomfort, pressure, and stress. This is the watch to settle on in case your occupation involves plenty of hard labor.

Are you involved in hard labor? Do you constantly get entangled in obstacles and debris? This is the watch you have been looking for all along. Get to know more about it by clicking here:



5. Casio G-Shock Camouflage Dial Resin Quartz

Casio G-Shock Camouflage Dial Resin Quartz Mens Watch GA100CM-5A

Careers that require camouflaging such as the military or disciplined forces require a watch that is equally capable of camouflaging. This is where this particular watch fits in. It is designed for the lover of jungle, military and outdoor adventure.

Features and Benefits

Shock Resistant

It has the ability to withstand shocks. Because of this, it is less susceptible to damages and breakages. You may use it for the most strenuous and intense exercise and maneuvers without any worries at all!

Magnetic Resistant

Apart from being resistant to shocks, this watch is also resistant to interferences by stray magnetic fields. Owing to this, you should expect its readings to be reliable at all times.

Water Resistant

The watch has the ability to resist the influx of water up to a depth of 200 meters below the surface of the water. This means you may utilize it pretty well in extremely wet conditions with ease.

Auto LED Light

The display comes equipped with an LED light and an afterglow. This clearly illuminates the readings. For this reason, you are absolved from the need to stray. You are also spared of any ambiguities, inconsistencies or oversights.


Military Look and Appearance

The color, design, and appearance of the watch closely mirror that of the military uniform. In case you fancy such a profession or you already belong to one, this is the watch of choice.

Very tough and Strong

The watch is generally tough and strong. This means fewer repairs and maintenance on your part. It also means lower operational and maintenance costs in the long run.

Long Lasting

All the key constituent materials are made of tough and sturdy materials. These include stainless steel. Because of this, expect the watch to serve you for long without faltering.

Very Reliable

Its durable nature, accuracy in telling time, and waterproof nature all combine to make it very reliable. You may count on it to deliver under the harshest of conditions.

Moderately Cheap

On the whole, the watch is moderately cheaper than the others of its kind. You won’t have to strain to acquire it at all!


Unsuitable for Females

It features a masculine appearance. This makes it unsuitable for use by females who generally fancy a feminine appearance.

Limited Applicability

This watch differs from the others. This is due to its inability to exude exciting benefits or functionalities. Examples include multi-band atomic timekeeping, alarms, stopwatch, and so on.

Lower Returns on Investments

Due to its limited applicability, the watch on the whole returns lower value for the amount of money invested.


This watch is primarily designed for those in the military or other disciplined forces. This is due to its tough, strong, and rough nature. Moreover, its militaristic appearance makes it all the more suited for the jungle.

Are you militaristic? Do you fancy adventure, strength, and endurance? Did I hear you say, ‘yes’? Then grab this watch right away! Click here: for more information.




6. G-Shock Mens GA-100L

G-SHOCK Mens GA-100 Limited Edition Watch

Optimal performance in marine activities and other serious surface water sporting activities call for a waterproof watch. The said watch has to be able to restrict the inflow of water a much as possible. This watch, as shall be deduced from the proceeding review is quite suited for this very purpose.

Features and Benefits

Reverse LCD Display

This watch utilizes the reverse LCD display unit in depicting the current time and other functionalities. This display is very legible, clear, and long-lasting. It eliminates any oversights or inconsistencies that may naturally arise.


It features a built-in calendar that is pre-programmed until the year 2099. This assures you of the convenience you require to utilize this function without having to worry.

Time Formats

The watch has the ability to display time in both the 12-hour and the 24-hour formats at the same time. This further brings along the added benefit of seamless convenience.

Stopwatch 1/1000 Second

Also available is the stopwatch that has an accuracy of 1/1000th of a second. This is the watch to rely on in case you would wish to be prompt and to the point. It eliminates any delays or wastage of time.


Pretty Accurate

On the whole, its accuracy is +/- 15 seconds per month. This is way very reliable in the sense that it reduces any errors or inconsistencies in the time displayed.

Seamless Compatibility

This watch is very compatible with different time zones. This stems from its ability to function across 29 world time zones and 48 cities in the UTC format.


It has the ability to withstand bouncing, stress, impacts, and other forms of force. This makes it quite reliable, long lasting, and durable.


This watch also has the ability to resist the inflow of water up to a depth of 200 meters. It is for this reason that the watch may be used for marine-based professions.


The watch is also able to deflect and resist any stray magnetic fields. This means its time and other functions are not at all compromised.


Nondescript Appearance

Its appearance is rough and lacks any distinctive features. This means it may not exude the benefits of aesthetics as should ideally be the case.

Illegible Markings

The markings on the clock are not as legible as should be the case. This may mean that you will have to strain too much to take the necessary readings.


On the whole, the watch is a bit large and weighty. Because of this, you may feel some inconvenience while handling it.


All factors considered, this watch is the premier option for those engaged in marine-based professions. That’s because its overall design, appearance, and composition are intended for just that.

Are you a marine professional? Do you like water sports? If I heard you say yes, then this is the watch to settle on. To find out more about it, click here:



7. G-Shock GA100A-7A X-Large Men’s White Resin

G-Shock Mens GA-100L

Independent and active adventurers require a watch that can perform well in outdoor conditions. Such a watch ought to be very durable, firm, and stable yet comfortable. This watch is manufactured with the aim of fulfilling this particular need in mind.

Features and Benefits

Quartz Movement

The movements of the various hands are enabled by the quartz technology. This technology is famed world over for its precision and reliability. You can, therefore, place your bet on the watch to deliver accurate readings at all times.

White-and-blue Dial

This watch’s dial is colored white and blue. These two colors are very conspicuous and ensure that you do not miss out on your readings at all.

LED Light

The legibility of the markings is further enhanced by the existence of the LED light. This feature ensures that the markings are clearly visible at night. They also spare you of the need to strain while obtaining readings.

Luminous Indexes

Its pointers and indexes are illuminated. They are also designed to give off a 3-D effect when viewed. This ensures that you do not derive ambiguous readings or encounter any confusion at all.


Adjustable Hands

The hands of the watch are very flexible and adjustable. They are able to expand and contract accordingly to accommodate the varying widths of the wrists.

Highly Versatile

This watch comprises a countdown timer, a stopwatch, a calendar, and an alarm, among others. It is, therefore, able to exude several benefits at a go.

Classy and Elegant

The manufacturer of this watch is renowned for producing high-end products. Because of this, you stand to derive the benefits of class and elegance by choosing to own this watch.

Extremely Cheap

It is very cheap and affordable. It will not subject you to unnecessary financial hardships or strains to acquire.

Light and Compact

On the whole, the watch is extremely light by reason of weighing only7 ounces. You will find it quite stress-free and convenient to handle.


Masculine Appearance

Owing to its masculine appearance, this watch is unsuitable for use by women. This leaves out around 50% of all potential users.

Vulnerable to Dirt

Its outer cover is white in color. It is hence very vulnerable to dirt. This may spoil its image and make it less appealing to the eyes.


To operate this watch effectively, you have to possess certain critical skills. This requirement may place you at a significant disadvantage.


This indeed is the watch for the independent and active adventurers. That’s because it incorporates top-notch features that are capable of withstanding harsh terrains and environmental conditions.

Are you an independent or active adventurer? Do you go out in the bush every quite often? If so, then you cannot afford to overlook this watch. Find out more about it by following this link:



8. G-SHOCK Men’s GA-100 Limited Edition Watch

G-SHOCK Mens GA-100 Limited Edition Watch

General purpose tasks require an average watch. A watch of that kind still has to be tough, durable, and resistant to the common agents of tear. This watch is designed and manufactured with the aim of being used for general purpose tasks. This means it has no specific niche or area of specialization.

Features and Benefits

Analog-digital Display

This watch is equipped with both the analog and digital displays. For this reason, it is able to display time in both formats concurrently. This makes it very convenient for use.

Anti-magnetic Structure

It also comes equipped with an anti-magnetic structure. This structure has the ability to shield the watch from magnetic interferences. This being the case, the accuracy of its readings is not at all compromised.

Auto LED Light

The watch’s dial is illuminated by this LED light. The light is also accompanied by an afterglow. The overall quality of the light emitted is pretty high. This makes it clearly visible at night and also aids those with visibility problems.

World Time

This watch has the ability to display and work effectively under 28 different time zones worldwide. These include the daylight saving on/off and the home city/world time, among others.



It is structured in such a manner as to be able to withstand shocks, intense vibrations, and excessive impacts. You may, therefore, count on it not to get damaged unnecessarily.


The watch has the ability to resist the influx of water into its interior up to depths of around 200 meters. As a result of this, you may utilize it perfectly well under extremely wet conditions.

Extended Battery Life

This watch’s maximum battery life is roughly 2 years. It is hence quite reliable and won’t let you down unnecessarily.

Durable Casing

Its back is made of stainless steel material. This material is very tough and resistant to corrosion among other common agents of tear. You may bank your hopes on this watch to take you through for a long duration of time.


This watch’s overall design and appearance make it suitable for use by both sexes equally well. It is hence a very desirable purchase indeed.


Less Durable

The dial of the watch is made of plastic. This material is delicate and prone to scratches. As such, it is less reliable in the long run.


The markings on the watch’s dial lack numerals. This may slow down the procedure of taking readings. This may in turn inconvenience some users who may be in a hurry.

Rough Looks

Its appearance is a bit rough. This appearance contributes less to the needed aesthetics as should ideally be the case.


For practical purposes, this is the premier general purpose watch in vogue today. That is for the sheer reason that it has all the crucial traits and features that are necessary for this.

Are you an ordinary watch user? Do you lack a specific area of interest in which you may wish to devote your watch to? If you answered yes, take hold of this watch right away! Click here: to find out more about it.



9. G-SHOCK the GA 100 Military Series Watch

G-SHOCK The GA 100 Military Series Watch in Black,Watches for Men

A service in the military entails confronting treacherous terrain and being isolated for quite some time. This calls for an equally tough watch that has a longer battery life. This watch is specifically made with the aim of enhancing the experience of military personnel while on duty.

Features and Benefits

Matte Black Resin Band

This is the material that makes the watch be resistant to water, moisture, and mud. It seals the watch so tightly as to ward off the influx of these substances.

Analog and Digital Watch

This watch has the ability to display time in both the analog and the digital formats simultaneously. You are freed from the need to acquire multiple watches at a time. Because of this, you are saved plenty of money.

Built-in Alarms

The watch comes along with four daily alarms including one with a snooze function. It is the best companion for timekeeping, especially at night. With this watch, you can never get late for an appointment at all!

Hourly Time Signals

Its time have the accuracy of up to 1/1000th of a second. This is pretty accurate and quite reliable at the same time. You can, therefore, rest assured of high quality and reliable readings at all times.


Very Light

The watch weighs only 2.1 ounces. It is very light and does not impose any hindrance in the course of handling.

Lengthened Battery Life

With a battery life of roughly 2 years, this watch may be relied on to deliver its mandate for longer.


It is shielded from the potential side effects of stray magnetic fields by the existence of a magnetic shield. This upholds the integrity of the readings it generates.

Highly Accurate

This watch has an accuracy of around +/- 15 seconds per month. This is fairly accurate and very reliable.


It is capable of displaying time in both the 12-hour and the 24-hour formats. This confers seamless convenience to users as it negates the need to buy two separate watches at a time.


Strictly for Men

This watch is strictly for male users by its design and nature. It, therefore, leaves out women, who form a bulk of would-be users.

Costly to Maintain

The watch’s battery is neither rechargeable nor solar-powered. This imposes unusual financial hardships in that it makes the watch costly to maintain.


In all, the watch is pretty large in size. For this reason, it may pose an unnecessary nuisance to you in case you have smaller hands.


Even though this watch may have its share of downsides, it is still a worthy possession for military personnel. It has all the critical traits that are needed for such kinds of working conditions.

Are you military personnel? Does your profession entail spending some time out in the jungle? Do you stay out of the national grid for long? If you answered yes, then this is a watch you cannot afford to overlook. Click here: for more information.



10. Casio Men’s G-Shock Classic Digital Watch

Casio Mens G-Shock Classic Digital Watch

Ordinary usage requires a watch that is simpler to read, s pretty accurate and comprises several functionalities. This is the niche of this particular watch. It is designed and intended for common everyday usage.

Features and Benefits

Electroluminescent Displays (ELDs)

Its display is electroluminescent and is illuminated by an afterglow. This display is more legible, durable, and visible than the ordinary LED display units. You can be sure to clearly see all the numerals perfectly well.

Auto-repeat Function

This is a feature of the watch’s timer. It enables the timer to start counting from scratch once again immediately upon the completion of a set time. This makes the use of the timer more convenient compared to the ordinary timers.

Multi-function Alarm

It comprises a multi-function alarm that is capable of snoozing among other tasks. This means you won’t get late to that crucial appointment you have been waiting for.

Built-in Timers

The watch has both a stopwatch and a countdown timer. The stopwatch has an accuracy of 1/100th of a second. These two features help you in managing your time pretty effectively. They grant you the power to determine your response or reaction to time requirements.


Universal Applicability

By its very design and nature, this watch is suitable for use by both sexes equally well. This makes it quite lucrative and convenient to purchase.

Compact Size

Its dimensions are generally smaller and more manageable. Because of this, you won’t experience unnecessary drag or inconveniences while handling it.

Great Aesthetics

The outward appearance of the watch is so great and breathtaking. The watch, therefore, exudes the added benefit of great aesthetics to you, its user.

Easy to Comprehend

It displays the time and date in the digital format. This makes it possible for you to comprehend the readings. It also makes eliminates any doubts or uncertainties.

Very Affordable

The cost of this watch is cheap and very affordable. You won’t confront unusual financial strains or hardships in your attempt to acquire it.



The constituent materials are not as tough and durable as should be the case. This means more frequent repairs and maintenance sessions.


It can only display time in the digital format. For this reason, it is quite inconvenient especially to those who prefer the analog format.


On the whole, the watch is short lived because it is made of less durable parts and components. This means it is not so much of a worthy purchase.


This watch is for all practical purposes ideal for ordinary usage. It is simplistic in design, is light, and equipped with the bare minimum features. This makes it quite suited for common everyday use.

Are you an ordinary user of a watch? Do you want a watch that is simple and easy to engage? If you said so, then this is the watch for your liking. Learn more about it by clicking here:




The following are some of the factors to consider while searching for a suitable Casio watch:


This refers to the range of uses to which the watch may be put. A good watch has to be able to discharge several tasks and purposes at a time. This is the only way to guarantee maximum returns to investments.


“Who or what cadres of potential users may find this watch relevant to their needs?” A good watch should be usable by both sexes equally. It should also be usable by various kinds of professionals or users.


In order to guarantee reliability in times of long-distance travel, a good watch should be compatible with different time zones. It should be able to automatically adjust to the local time n a new location, alongside other attendant benefits.


This is a measure of how realistic the time that is displayed by the watch is at any given time. A good watch has to be very accurate. It is only in this way that it may be trusted and relied on.


Watches, as we all know are worn on the hands. It, therefore, follows that a good watch ought to be small, compact, and light enough. This is to avoid unnecessary hindrances and inconveniences in the course of being worn.

Cost/Financial Resource Endowment

Cost is also important. This is because our financial resource endowment determines to a large extent whether we may eventually acquire a particular item or not. It is, therefore, necessary that you ascertain the amount of money at your disposal first and foremost. You should thereafter loom for a watch that falls within your budget.



1.Just what is a watch?

  1. A watch is a small electronic device that is worn on the wrist primarily for the purpose of telling time.

2. What are the various uses of a watch?

  1. Watches are primarily used to display time. However, they may also serve as alarms, countdown timer, calendars, and thermometers, among other uses.

3. What is the general price range of a good watch?

  1. A good watch costs somewhere between $100 and $200. Of course, there are cheaper and more expensive watches than these.

4. What factor or features should inform the choice of a good watch?

  1. The size of the watch, the various functionalities, the source of power, and cost should determine the preferred choice of watch.

5. What are the top watch brands as of the year 2017?

  1. As of the year 2017, Casio, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Blancpain, Chopard, IWC Schaffhausen, Rolex, and Ulysse Nardin, are the top brands.

6. Can watches accommodate extra accessories or peripheral devices as is the case with other electronics?

  1. Unfortunately no! Watches come ready made and are too stringent to accommodate any additional accessories.

7. How long on average is a watch expected to last?

  1. With proper care and maintenance, a good watch ought to last no less than 10 years.



It is our hope that you have found the reviews above quite informative and enlightening. We have taken every precaution to see to it that the piece that leaves you with no ambiguities at all. High quality and durable watches of these kinds are produced every quite often. This, therefore, means that the order and long-term reliability of the list above may not hold for long. You are therefore advised to be constantly on the lookout for any newer and better versions.

In the meantime, we strongly urge you to make a purchase of at least one of the watches listed above. Waste no time in determining whether to make a purchase or not. That’s because the prices of these watches may change rapidly. Add that to the uncertainties that surround any economy.

Why not place an order or request a quote right away? We are always on standby and very eager to receive your inquiries soonest possible.

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